Hi, my name is Rob Fuller. I’m a hacker. Every one of you watching probably has a different definition of what that is, but I’m going to bet that not a single one of those definitions includes anything about a specific race, religion, creed, sexual preference or skin color. The hacking community is filled with people. humans beings, from all walks of life.

In our community, like any social community, there are those among us, friends, acquaintances, “con buddies” that have problems that you might even know they have. We have lost many too many of those friends to suicide, drug abuse, alcohol, depression, and crime.

Many of us dove into the world of computers and the Internet because it was a place of acceptance. But there is a dark side to this world, it’s too easy to disconnect, to miss those markers when all you see is what someone tweets, or IMs. We can’t see when you hurt, or when you cry.

There are many ways to help us that need it and are afraid to ask for help because one of the biggest biases we still have in our community is showing weakness. But you can let those around you know that you care, that you are there for them, and that your door is open to talk anytime, but one of the best ways is just to be around each other, hang out, go to a movie, talk about your day. To be a true friend, not just another face in the lobby of a conference.

If you wish to join me in this fight, please make a video like this one, tell your friends, “con buddies” and co-workers that we are all Hacking Together...